‘Where “Diversity” Means Conformity’ (2017)

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Very probably the worst idea ever hatched in America is the idea that everybody has to go to college.

Because that means that virtually everybody winds up conforming with everybody else and in fact you get no diversity at all–and woe unto anyone who dares to think for himself!

Where ‘Diversity’ Means Conformity

Studies have been done that show the astonishing degree of conformity in our colleges. And then think about this–Harvard Looniversity has an annual budget of over $40 billion. Billion? Did you say billion? ‘Fraid so.

If America had any instinct for self-preservation at all, we would cut off the public funding of the universities.

But it looks like self-preservation has been “educated” out of us–big-time.

You’re Not Allowed to Have that Opinion, Kanye!

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Celebrities, most of whom I never heard of, are going postal over rap star Kanye West’s embrace of President Donald Trump (http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2018/04/26/celebs-attack-kanye-west-pro-trump-tweets-complete-freaking-lunatic/).

They think he’s crazy. West called on his audience to “reject groupthink” and declared, on Twitter, “We have the right to independent thought.” This inspired lots of cursing and name-calling from the Loving Left. One of his fellow rap stars accused him of acting white. None of the celebrities said he had a right to his opinion. You only have a right to have Rosie O’Donnell’s opinion.

Mr. West was hospitalized last year for exhaustion and sleep deprivation. He was keeping himself too busy. Count on the celebrities to use that against him.

It would, of course, be sheer disaster if people stopped thinking of themselves as members of Democrat client groups and started thinking of themselves as individuals instead. If they ever started making up their own minds, liberalism would be out of business in a heartbeat.

If Kanye West can make that happen, he belongs on Mount Rushmore.