What Happens When You Appease the Bullies? (Ask Fox News)

Was appeasing Hitler actually a masterstroke? | Daily Mail Online

For some reason appeasement never seems to work.

Hey! Remember how Fox News, going down the home stretch in the election campaign, alienated a major portion of its viewers by turning against President Trump and suddenly running in the pack with all the Far Left nooze media? Remember how mad that made a lot of us?

We felt betrayed–and what has Fox News gotten for it? What was their reward for going over to the dark side?

Ta-dah! The Far Left wants them put right out of business, taken off the air (https://townhall.com/columnists/derekhunter/2021/01/26/democrats-only-embrace-cancel-culture-against-the-right-n2583687). “Should Fox News be allowed to exist?” pondered some fat-head on the Left. CNN, MSNBC, and the Washington Post have all called for Fox News to be snuffed out.

As Churchill once said of Chamberlain, he wants to embrace shame to avoid war–and he will get both war and shame.

That’s what Fox News got for betraying its viewers. They deserted their old friends and their new friends want them wiped out. Gee, not a dry eye in the house…


6 comments on “What Happens When You Appease the Bullies? (Ask Fox News)

  1. Well, there are still Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham at Fox … so maybe the appeasers at Fox will scuttle them in an effort to appease some more. Appeasers never learn. Meanwhile, the left has already begun going after NewsMax and Epoch Times.

    1. The left will still want to eradicate them, because (a) as CNN 2.0 they’ll still be competition, and (b) the left likes revenge for past transgressions, even after the deplorables repent.

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