My Newswithviews Column, Jan. 28 (‘Impeach ‘Em All!’)

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Congress is in session!

So now they can impeach someone who doesn’t have a public office to prevent him from being elected to one. Progress!

Impeach ‘Em All

Do you feel safe with Democrats in control of every single branch of government, and every institution? Really? Were those checks and balances standing in the way of Real Progress?

That’s what they were supposed to do. After 200 years of attacking the Constitution, the Democrat Party has finally got the upper hand. The next thing is to repeal it.

Meanwhile, let those peasants know who’s boss!

3 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, Jan. 28 (‘Impeach ‘Em All!’)

  1. An absolutely BRILLIANT article. And the best thing is that once everyone is impeached, no one will be allowed to hold public office and we’ll have to start from scratch. Oh, but wait … the prohibition against holding public office is according to the Constitution, and in order to start from scratch we’ll have to write a new Constitution … but if we discard the old Constitution, there won’t be any prohibition against impeached people holding public office … which means they’ll all have to be reinstated until … Oh, help. This is too much for my brain. I have to go soak my head. 🙂

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