‘The Will to be as God’ (2018)

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Every evil in the world springs from this: the desire to be as God, and the delusion that you can actually do it.

The Will to be as God

Whether it’s a single disgusting murder for some forgettably trivial reason, or mass murder perpetrated by a communist government against its own people, it all goes back to “can decide good and evil for myself! Just like the devil promised!”

This is why we need humility, and why it’s a virtue.

2 comments on “‘The Will to be as God’ (2018)

  1. Yes; humility is one of the most difficult for human beings to understand and demonstrate. We have false humility, which is often seen, but when we get right down to it, the expose’ is plain to see.

  2. The Deep State has convinced Biden he can be as god by just signing whatever they put in front of him. Sleepy Joe is giving us a nightmare so far. Hey, who needs jobs? Just learn to code (Let’s see Joe learn to code).

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