SF Schools: Acronyms Are Racist!

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Do you ever get the impression that America from north to south, from east to west, is governed by idiots and lunatics?

The San Francisco–that’s that city where they poo on the sidewalk–Unified School District, having just decided to rename 44 of its schools Because Racism, is now proposing to get rid of acronyms… because acronyms are racist, too! (https://www.sfgate.com/local/article/school-renaming-SFUSD-acronyms-racist-15919053.php)

These little flutters, by the way, will cost millions of dollars of public money. And the flippin’ schools aren’t even open! Because COVID.

And so, for instance, VAPA–“Visual and Performing Arts”–has been replaced by SFUSD Art Dept. Honk if you have noticed that “SFUSD” is an acronym, too.

What does this accomplish? Oh, please–what a question! Acronyms, we are told, are hard to understand for people who don’t speak English. That makes ’em racist.

Can we secede from San Francisco? In case whatever they have is catching.

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  1. Since when is language a race? And do these people know that many non-white people come from countries where English is spoken, whereas many white people come from non-Anglophone countries?

    1. Wow and that was subconsciously done! They would say I’m a White supremicist or something even though I’m not White

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