‘New Religions and the Nazis’

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There could only be one fuhrer…

The term “nazi” is bandied about today by people who don’t know what it means.

Well, one of the things it certainly meant in real life was an organized effort to estrange the German people from their Christian heritage. And Prof. Karla Poewe wrote a book about just how that was done.


Adolf Hitler used the “German Faith Movement,” and other eccentric new religious groups; and the “fuhrer” of the German Faith Movement used Hitler. But as Poewe points out, there was room for only one fuhrer in Germany; and Hitler made sure it was himself.

But for a while there, Germany’s destiny was guided by a sleazy partnership of Big Government and Big Pseudo-Church. Reading about this should make us uncomfortable. The German Faith Movement rejected most of the Bible, ultimately rejected Jesus Christ (“too Jewish!”), and yet still promoted itself as a “Christian” denomination. Reading about that should make us uncomfortable, too? Can you say “Clergy For Choice”?

The Nazis were anti-Christian, hyper-nationalist, big government socialists: as in “the National Socialist Germany Workers Party.”

They were not American Republicans.

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  1. I have been seeing this for some time. The control factors have been in play, and Pres. Trump just interrupted it for a limited time. That is why they were so desperate to get rid of him. We “little people” do not know what they need, in their view.

  2. I would fully expect that there will be a development of a somewhat universal religion, which allows people to claim their former religious identity, so long as it conforms to the statements of faith of this new, globalist, church. Of course, this will require adherence to the secular law, over Divine law.

  3. Unfortunately there is a small vocal extremist right wing minority out there who would want nothing better than to see that very thing happen to the Republican Party, just as there is an extreme left wing fringe who wants a socialist government under the mantra of the Democratic Party.

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