The Purge Continues: Lou Dobbs Canceled

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Fox News, the alleged “conservative” nooze network, has canceled Lou Dobbs’ business talk show, despite high ratings and a decade on the air. Our Free & Independent Nooze Media rejoices: CBS nooze blaming Dobbs for “unfounded assertions of voter fraud” (

‘Cause you’re not allowed to say that!

The cowards at Fox said the cancellation was just part of “routine programming alternatives.” Honk if you believe that. And of course the threatened lawsuit by Smartmatic (“Voting Machines ‘R’ Us”) had nothing to do with it.

Sorry, only one opinion allowed–and it had better be a Far Left Crazy opinion, or you’re out of here.

Of course, our Free & Independent Court System Inc. has refused to look at any evidence of voter fraud–so how can we ever know the charges are “unfounded”? See no evil, hear no evil. But do all the evil that you please.

Our institutions and our leaders fail us, one by one and two by two, and we have nothing left but our prayers.


3 comments on “The Purge Continues: Lou Dobbs Canceled

  1. I know, and that makes me so mad. He was one of the more sane and reasonable voices that were still available. Just got an email from one of the women from Fox who had a speech at a college cancelled.

  2. They sure don’t act like someone who has won fair and square and have nothing to hide now do they.

    1. They’re working so hard to make sure no one will examine the evidence. I always thought concealing evidence WAS evidence!

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