Good News! Poland to Fine Big Tech Censors

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How about that? They did what they said they were going to do!

Poland now has a law against the social media censoring conservatives–they won’t be allowed “to remove content for political purposes” (

And if they do… the fine will be a whopping $13.5 million. For every offense.

Polish authorities cited Twitter’s ban of President Donald Trump as “a dangerous precedent.” Well, sure–if they can do it to the president of the United States, they can do it to anybody.

And how’s this for hypocrisy? In India, the Prime Minister threatened to ban Twitter unless they banned his critics! And so, of course, they did–500 of ’em.

This whole business of allowing “private corporations” to do things to people that government is not allowed to do–it’s fascism, and it has to stop. No more using banks and Big Tech to do the dirty work that Congress wouldn’t dare.

Once again, Poland is leading the way back to sanity. Hats off to Poland!

3 comments on “Good News! Poland to Fine Big Tech Censors

  1. Wow, I hadn’t heard this before. Maybe this is related to the fact I have been prompted to pray for the nation of Poland a lot for the last year or so. Before that, I have to admit I had not had a thought about
    Poland for a long time. Well, good for them.

    1. And it was Poland who got the ball rolling that finally knocked down the Iron Curtain. The world owes much to the people of Poland.

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