‘The World Happiness Council… No Joke’ (2018)

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This monstrosity was officially launched at a World Government Forum held in Qatar–believe me, those sheiks in Qatar are happy all the time–three years ago.

Government’s job, they declare, is to make you…. happy.

The World Happiness Council… No Joke

They skated over the fact that different things make different people happy. Things that make some people happy make others very sad. Like, a liberal is never so happy as when his country is losing a war.

So how are these Global Government willies going to make everybody happy?

Pray the Lord we never find out.

3 comments on “‘The World Happiness Council… No Joke’ (2018)

  1. And, one of the saddest things in all this is that so many people are so deceived in thinking they know what it takes to make them happy. Actually, being happy is such a temporary thing; bound up in worldly things which are so fleeting. Deep joy and true faith are so much more important than mere fleeting “happiness”. How sad it will be when each person becomes aware of this.

    1. Some of the most miserable people I knew spent all their time chasing after “happiness”–and yet nothing ever seemed to make them happy.

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