‘Next Step to Utopia: Compulsory Exercise’ (2018)

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Everybody doing the same thing at the same time–that’s Diversity!

Walter Williams warned us this would happen.

Next Step to Utopia: Compulsory Exercise

The things they do to us for our own good! Sort of like being pushed back into early childhood.

This is what happens when you turn from the real God to false gods. The little fake idols always demand more from you than God the Father ever does.

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  1. So, according to the article it’s for better health, concentration, productivity and profitability while fostering camaraderie in the workplace. All in exchange for giving up your freedom of choice of course.

    I saw a pictures of two lions that sums it up. One was in a cage and the other was in the savanna. It said “One of these lions has security, free shelter, free food, and free medical care. The other lion has no assurances. Everything about his quality of life is his own responsibility.” Only one of those lions was free and content.

  2. These days, instead of compulsory exercise, we’ve all been ordered into compulsory lack of exercise — lockdowns, isolation, choking in masks, etc.

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