COVID ‘n’ Climbit Change (Perfect Together!)

Grinning Kim Jong-un sits yards away from party officials after emerging  from hiding amid coronavirus pandemic

Meet Mr. Government!

My wife yesterday took a survey in which the questions persistently stapled together the Climate Change gotterdammerung and the COVID apocalypse, as if they were the same thing, or a package deal. I wish I could reproduce it for you, but the survey disappears as soon as you submit the answers, and it is not reproduced on the website.

Apparently King COVID is supposed to teach us to love and trust Big Brother, aka the all-devouring state. Otherwise we’re all gonna die. If de germ don’t get us, de climbit change will–only de guvvamint can save us, can you gimme hallelujah!

The questions were weird. Like, as a result of the COVID pandemic, what actions do you think the government should take to deal with Climate Change? Now that we’ve had COVID, what will you do to reduce your carbon footprint?

Oh, the Great Reset globalist varmints would love to link King COVID with Climate Change, nee Global Warming, which always sounds ridiculous with large portions of the country freezing their kiesters off! They really thought Climate Change would be the magic carpet upon which they would ride to total power over everyone–but they kept getting caught lying and cheating, and they could never seal the deal. But then along comes COVID, and this time we really honest-to-pete ARE gonna die, or at least untold millions of us, we really are gonna die unless we OBEY all the government’s mandates–! [Pause to hyperventilate]

So they’re telling us “America is closing in on half a million COVID deaths!” and no one, not a soul (if they have souls), among our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. ever calls ’em out on it! “Dr. Fauci, can you prove that 500,000 Americans have actually died of COVID, and not of a wide assortment of other serious causes, like heart disease–in which the COVID was just the last bit of poison icing on the cake? Can you prove that, sir?”

In a pig’s eye he can.

So joins the parade, marching behind King COVID with a little pooper-scooper–destination, world government. Try it, you’ll like it! Honest, we’ll give you your freedom back the moment you ask for it.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

3 comments on “COVID ‘n’ Climbit Change (Perfect Together!)

  1. Those surveys aren’t meant to solicit your opinions, but to impose certain opinions upon you. The questions are all of the “Have you stopped beating your wife yet” variety. They give you no way to disagree with the premise underlying them.

    We — and all the other parishes — just received a survey from our Bishop asking about how our parish is helping us on our spiritual journey. Whereas the purpose of the survey is to instill fear, the purpose of this particular survey is to instill doublethink. The questions mostly ask about how the various parish organizations are helping (or not), how we perceive our parish’s community life, whether and/or how we’ve invited others to our parish or to the Faith “in the past year,” and so on. Of course, this is the Bishop who made us close down all our parish activities “in the past year,” who locked us out of our churches for nearly three months last year and has barely let us back in again except under the usual “be afraid of germs and of each other” restrictions, told us we didn’t have to go to Mass at all since we could just as well watch a live-streamed Mass instead, and generally did everything he could (along with the other Bishops in our state) to keep us isolated from each other and generally a mass of paranoid hypochondriacs. But we’re still expected to keep up our donations to the parish and the Bishop’s Annual Appeal, of course.

    What our survey is meant to do is get us to accept the pretense that we still have an active, functional parish, or that we’re going to get one back if we’re good little boys and girls and keep giving money and wearing masks and being afraid, being very afraid, and doing what they tell us to do, no matter how irrational and contrary to the evidence of our own eyes. Patty’s survey does a similar thing, except there the pretense to be accepted is that WE GONNA DIE unless we’re good little boys and girls, etc., etc., etc.

  2. Only about 6% of the deaths recorded by Covid-19 were by the coronavirus alone. That is less than the influenza flu (what ever happened to the flu this past flu season, anyway? 400,000 we hospitalized by it before Covid, and since Covid only 165 – is anyone buying this slop?). And this past snow storm that hit 70% of the USA was caused by Climate Change – it is nonsensical. The culture presented to us by those with the power of communication is completely bananas.

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