‘Save the Planet by Laundering Your Toilet Paper’ (2016)

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Now that we’re going to be put under house arrest every time a germ pops up in the environment, we’re going to be strapped for things to do. But as always, government has the answer!

Save the Planet by Laundering Your Toilet Paper

Go ahead, tell me it’s just not possible that even the most off-the-wall Democrat regime would ever afflict the American people with a crazy thing like this.

Nothing is off the table, with this crowd.

8 comments on “‘Save the Planet by Laundering Your Toilet Paper’ (2016)

  1. I’m glad to see that N. Dak. is fighting back, as are several states on different issues. The nation of Poland is even fighting “big tech.” for there censoring. It is encouraging to see there are still people with backbone in the world. Our prayers are for them, against the tyrants.

  2. I’d almost forgotten this one. It’s still hilarious. Or scary, considering what pops up on the news every day.

    1. True, Lee. Whenever I see something about religious companies or individuals being “forced to violate their religious principles,” I cringe. Earlier Christians didn’t allow themselves to be “forced” to disobey God. Not everyone has the courage to be a martyr, but we shouldn’t start with the premise that if Moloch says to sin we should first appeal for permission not to sin but if the appeal is denied, well, okay, we’ll go ahead and sin. But we’ll complain about it while we’re doing it, and that’ll show Moloch, won’t it? (sarcasm)

    2. We really do have to stop refusing to do these wicked and inane things demanded of us by the ruling class. A republic shouldn’t even have a ruling class. These people need to be gotten rid of–and we need to find the way to do it.

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