‘Dictatorship 101’ (2014)

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Our march toward communism–led by Democrats and the nooze media

Hey! Remember this little tidbit from the last Democrat regime? They were gonna put “government monitors”–translation: a good squad–in the newsrooms to make sure they got the kind of coverage they wanted. As if that regime ever got anything but the most fawning, obsequious, boot-licking praise from our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc.

Dictatorship 101

They wound up not doing it because word of the scheme got leaked from the Federal Communications Commission before the regime was ready to launch. There was a public uproar and the plan was scrapped… for a more propitious time.


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  1. Yes, they have been waiting in the wings, and they still are, for a suitable time to spring every trap. They have gone very far already, and God help us if we allow them to go any further.

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