‘To Be a Pilgrim’

With no hymn requests coming in yesterday, I fall back on one of my favorite hymns to start today–John Bunyan’s hymn, To Be a Pilgrim, sung by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band. Yes, I’ve posted it more than a few times before–but who’s counting?

5 comments on “‘To Be a Pilgrim’

  1. How about a nice spiritual — say, “Go Down, Moses”?

    And maybe for tomorrow a Lenten hymn: “O Sacred Head Surrounded” or “Were You There When They Crucified My Lord.”

    So now you have three requests backed up in the queue in case you don’t get any in the next day or two. Or even if you do. 😉

  2. I love the emphasis in this hymn about being a disciple. Everyone easily says they are a Christian but not so much in saying I am a disciple (which requires discipline). The word Christian is only mentioned a couple of times where the word disciple is mentioned a whole bunch.

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