By Request, ‘Were You There?’

Phoebe asked for this Lenten spiritual, Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord)? I chose this rendition by Johnny Cash.

There’s a brief movie clip I’m trying to find for you, from The Robe; and now we’ve got some hymn requests stacked up, so no fear of running out of supply.

4 comments on “By Request, ‘Were You There?’

  1. This is another old song we used to sing at the churches, and some still do, but we don’t hear it often any more. gives us something to think about.

  2. We still sing this during Holy Week — or at least we did when we were allowed to have Holy Week services. I hope they won’t shut us down again this year. Although come to think of it, having to do without church all through Lent and Easter last year certainly reminded us of what the disciples must have gone through when the Lord was taken away from them and everything seemed to be over. But even if our overlords do take our religious services away again — as they may do if they need another crisis and/or the Equality Act becomes law — at least now we know that there will be a Resurrection at the end.

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