We’re Short of Heroes

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We’ve got superheroes out the wazoo, thanks to our, ahem, “entertainment” industry. Superheroes for every conceivable occasion.

But not for real life. We did have one hero, President Donald Trump, but the global ruling class ran him right over. Took ’em four years to do it, but they did it. And now the good guys are powerless and there’s no one to stop the bad guys from running on all fours into Hell, as St. Gildas once put it.

We don’t need superheroes. We need real heroes–like, for instance, Fanny Crosby. Blinded by an incompetent doctor shortly after she was born, Fanny wrote some 8,000 hymns, many of which are still well-loved today. That’s a hero. Never mind the silly costumes.

Fanny Crosby: America's Hymn Queen   Fanny Crosby

And I’ll bet we could find these heroes, if we looked. Find them, celebrate them, and follow their examples. Most of the good people have been driven out of politics–out of most of our institutions, I daresay. So we won’t look there. They’ll turn up in unexpected places.

But one thing we’re fabulously rich in, and that’s anti-heroes. Bad guys. Huge bad guys like George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, and whoever’s pulling the strings for Joe Biden. And lots and lots of little villains who riot when BLM says riot and think they’re fighting fascism because fascists have told them so. And the medium-sized villains who train and instruct the multitude of useful idiots. Not to mention the bad guys in China, Russia, and Iran.

We pray the Lord our God will turn the ungodly against each other, as He has done so many times in history. When good guys are in short supply, He can use bad guys to tear and rend the other bad guys. Sennacherib, king of Assyria–invincible, the big cheese, proud enough to mock God–first he lost his army to the plague, and when he got back home, his own sons murdered him.

Liu Shao Chi, president of Red China: a devout communist, but the only man in China that had the courage to call Mao out for the Great Leap Forward–an experiment in mass murder that cost some tens of millions of innocent lives. Mao had Liu murdered by his doctors, but not before Liu stopped the killing spree.

God will find persons who will do His will. They will commit crimes against criminals, as did the sons of Sennacherib, or suddenly find themselves moved, like Liu, to stand for the right no matter what the cost.

Be uneasy on your thrones, you self-dubbed masters of the universe. The only God has taken your names, and judgment is coming.

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  1. I knew quite a few heroes during my time in the Air Force. A couple of their names are on the Wall in the Vietnam War Memorial.

    I’ve also known some heroes in “ordinary” life, those who stood up for the right and the truth, even at the risk of their careers, their life’s savings, and sometimes their lives — or just desertion by their families and/or so-called “friends.”

    I suppose we’re all called to be heroes for Christ. I haven’t done a very good job of that myself.

    1. However… we don’t always know how our actions and words affect other people’s lives, sometimes, it’s possible, for their great good.

      So we do the best we can; and sometimes we don’t know the good we do.

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