Biden Plays Jai Alai!

At great personal risk, our secret correspondent has smuggled this video out of a closely-guarded vault–a video of “President” Joe Biden playing the undoubtedly strenuous sport of jai alai.

He’s the one with the black stitching where he split his pants.

All that time he was supposedly hiding in his cellar, The Big Guy was playing jai alai. Which makes us wonder why the Democrats took such pains to make it look like he’s always at death’s door and about to spill all that’s left of his marbles all over the carpet.

He also likes to climb trees, said another source. “If he sees a tree he likes,” said the source, “well, no one can  stop him–up he goes! Just like a squirrel.”

To which we hasten to add… April Fool.


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    1. First I have to take a break. I’ve been reading and listening to nooze all morning and it makes my brain hurt and puts cramps in my soul. But of course I will post it!

  1. In 1700 A.D. a prophecy was made that in 2020 a man who was would be know for just abiding his time would be put into the most powerful position in the world by the devil. His name was even given also, Biden.

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