My Newswithviews Column, April 22 (‘A Tale of Two Follies’)

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Welcome to… the Vatican?

I’m back on Newswithviews this week, last week my brain was just too tired to generate a column. Or rather, I just couldn’t decide which distressing nooze story to write about: there are always way too many of them.

A Tale of Two Follies

I’ve known good Catholics to hit the ceiling over this pope’s zany antics. They’d be funny if they were in a Peter Sellers movie. But don’t ever sell Red China short. They are not our friends; and when Nixon and Kissinger “opened the door” to China, all those years ago, they made an error that might yet destroy our country.

Meanwhile every liberal ijjit in the Western world wants to emulate the Chicoms…

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  1. I think the most chilling and most telling sentence in your article is this one: “This time he [Francis] seems to have taken pains not to invite any Catholics to the Vatican.” Indeed, he’s made it plain on many occasions that he has no use for genuine Catholics at all — or for genuine Catholicism, for that matter. He probably thinks of himself as co-ruler of the world with Xi Jiping. Someone should explain to him that a paltry Argentinian tin-pot socialist poseur is no match for the Chinese Communist state.

    Weep for America and weep for the churches.

    1. Mark Rushdoony says that all the churches belong by right to Jesus Christ. But it seems there are many churches who don’t know it.

    2. Good point. This is why Christ singles out “the angels” of the various churches named in Revelation. The whole Bible is full of false prophets and bad shepherds.

  2. Beijing flies our politicians and news anchors to China to wine and dine them. Many become lobbyists for them. Funny, none of them are becoming lobbyists for Russia. David Rockefeller in his “Memoirs” bragged he was a globalist and was against American policies, and even stated he thought Mao’s Cultural Revolutions was the greatest thing in history. In the natural America as we know it is over, but in the Spiritual God is ready to show Himself the Savior of America.

    1. I didn’t bother to print all the names in the blog post, because I thought it sufficed to name the nooze organizations these parasites work for.

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