‘How About Just “Some” Religious Freedom?’ (2015)

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It’ll do for a religious freedom zone. Note the mayor in the background.

And to think this was written five years before anybody thought of shutting down our churches in the name of you-know-what!

How About Just ‘Some’ Religious Freedom?

How big is government going to get before it bursts?

I wonder if I’m shadow-banned.

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  1. There really are “free speech zones” on some campuses, and they aren’t much bigger than Lee’s spoof. They’re also relegated to out-of-the way areas where few people are likely to pass. And yet, even in spite of these “zones,” organizations such as Alliance Defending Freedom and First Liberty Institute are constantly having to defend students who are being punished for religious talk — or handing out religious material — INSIDE the supposed free speech zones. It’s open season on Christians these days.

    Oh, and by the way, I thought the entire USA was a free speech zone, at least according to the Constitution. But what do I know? I’m just one of those irredeemable deplorables, I guess.

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