‘How About Just “Some” Religious Freedom?’ (2015)

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It’s not to keep freedom out. It’s to keep freedom in.

How about it, boys ‘n’ girls (see–only two genders, no matter what Democrats say)? Have you grown any comfier with the idea of speech and religious freedom confined to named zones designated by the government? Heck, if you’re in college, you’re totally used to it by now.

How About Just ‘Some’ Religious Freedom?

Get it through your heads, everybody. Libs and progs will not stop until they’ve turned our country into a Third World hell-hole. That is what they want. We don’t know why they want it. Who can read such depraved minds?

Blatantly unconstitutional… and they totally get away with it.

‘How About Just “Some” Religious Freedom?’ (2015)

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It’ll do for a religious freedom zone. Note the mayor in the background.

And to think this was written five years before anybody thought of shutting down our churches in the name of you-know-what!

How About Just ‘Some’ Religious Freedom?

How big is government going to get before it bursts?

I wonder if I’m shadow-banned.