The Brearly School is a chi-chi private girls’ school in Manhattan, the elite of the elite. But it’s turned into a nest of race-hustling idiotic leftids… And here’s a father pushing back. Tucker Carlson reads his letter to the morons in charge of the school.

Suicidal liberals–they won’t be happy until they wreck America. How does anyone at all–at all!–benefit from their Critical Race Theory? How does this do anything but teach people to hate each other, hate themselves, and hate their country? And how in the world is that supposed to benefit America?

You really have to wonder what’s the matter with these people. I once saw a white teacher, in front of a classroom full of black kids, “teaching” them that all white authority is illegitimate, resist it, ignore it, blah-blah. Well, that would include his authority, too, wouldn’t it? And how long would it take the students to figure that out?

Pay $60,000 a year to send your daughter to this idiot factory?

We have to wonder what’s the matter with those parents, too.

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