‘Your FBI Is On the Job’ (2014)

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Achtung! Verboten!

When they’re not helping the Deep State remove a duly elected president, the FBI likes to dabble in what can only be called acts of irrational tyranny. Like this one:

Your FBI Is On The Job

I don’t know about you, but I could hardly sleep at night, knowing that a 91-year-old man in Indiana had set up a museum of his lifetime’s travels, featuring mementos and souvenirs from all over the world. We can all breath a sigh of relief, now that the FBI has sent armed agents to break in and confiscate all his stuff.

My aunts had a lot of little knickknacks from wherever. Somehow the FBI missed them.

Quickie contest: Name one federal agency that wasn’t warped and corrupted by the Obama administration.

Betcha can’t!

10 comments on “‘Your FBI Is On the Job’ (2014)

  1. I’m feeling cranky today — rain, lack of sleep from noise of malfunctioning refrigerator that maintenance finally tried to fix and just made worse, etc. — so I’m going to raise a quibble about your challenge. Some of the federal agencies were corrupted by previous administrations before Obama got to them or was even born. Besides, most federal agencies are self-corrupting and begin to rot from the moment they’re created — or were created rotten from the beginning. As you said in another post about the leftist tool kit, “It’s in their DNA.”

    1. Here we’re both talking Original Sin; and knowing that the human heart is desperately wicked, our country’s founders tried to create procedures that would contain it. They knew the agencies of government would corrupt themselves.

      That being said, everything got MUCH worse under Obama. And that was by design. The agencies most corrupted by his misrule were the IRS and the entire Justice Dept.

      PS–Won’t they give you a new refrigerator?

    2. “They” (the leasing office) may not know all the details yet, since they don’t monitor all the work orders. I’ve been trying to give our newish maintenance person the benefit of the doubt before I complain to the general manager. If he doesn’t come back today with the part he didn’t have Tuesday — after taking 10 days even to respond to the work order — I’ll have to talk to the manager, especially since I have no way of contacting the maintenance man himself. It’s a shame. We used to have same day service.

  2. I heard the FBI raided Rudy Giuliani’s apartment in some Ukrainian probe. I’m sure that was totally not political because he’s connected to Trump. And I’m sure they are going to raid Joe and Hunter Biden’s homes next for their dubious ties to the Ukraine…. Not.

  3. In Alaska the FBI broke down a couple’s door, handcuffed them, confiscated all their electronic equipment, and interrogated them for three hours. Their crime? The wife had attended the Jan. 6th Trump speech and she looked similar to the woman they think stole Pelosi’s laptop.

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