‘Now I’m Cheesed Off’ (2020)

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Once you go down there, you’ll never come back up.

I don’t know what you have to do to shake off certain publicists. They just won’t take NO! for an answer.

Here’s a publicist trying to get me on board for “Bible stories without God (see the original post from 2019, ‘Bible Stories Without God’)… after I’d already said no.

Now I’m Cheesed Off!

Sometimes I just can’t fathom the sliminess that’s out there. I don’t know why some of these people just don’t spontaneously combust. Obviously they have no fear of God. Is that due to evil, or to profound, bottomless stupidity?

‘And Now, Another One…’ (2018)

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I’m always being contacted by publicists inviting me to review their clients’ books. I don’t think I’ve yet said “Yes,” in several hundred tries.

And Now, Another One…

The thing that most amazes me is the appalling sameness of it all–as if there were only one publicist, only one writer, and only one book; the same cliches heaped up, one on top of another; you know what they’re going to say three pages ahead. I mean, this stuff is nutra-loaf for the mind.

If you read this blog regularly, you know that I do do book reviews. I’ll even review books suggested by my readers here, without benefit of a publicist.

But this… this… stuff! out there, boxcar-loads of it, all the same darkly handsome men and mysterious gorgeous women–all of whom need to be picked off in a hurry by a giant chameleon!

‘A Book to Make Me Wake Up Screaming’ (2016)

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“I can’t read this stuff no more!”

The drivel spewed out by our publishing industry!

“Women’s fiction”–what is that supposed to mean? Really, you’d have to be a sap to read this stuff. I get paid for reading stuff, and I won’t read this.

A Book to Make Me Wake Up Screaming

What kind of goofy names are these to give your characters? Yes, I know, people do that in real life. Do they ever. But fiction is supposed to provide us with an escape from real life. Here the effect is more like tunneling into a German prison camp than out of it.

Hint: If the phrase “mysterious and sexy” appears anywhere near the book, don’t read it.