‘Public School Assignment: Find Mom and Dad’s Sex Toys’ (2015)

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We breed our own locusts

We were never told how much trouble–if any–this California high school teacher got into for assigning students to snoop around and try to find their parents’ sex toys.

I come from a time when sex toys did not exist, except in certain places not visited by anyone I knew, so it’s hard for me to understand stories like this.

Public School Assignment: Find Mom and Dad’s Sex Toys

But one thing I do understand: public school has been bad, bad, bad for a long time; and to depend on them for the “socialization” of your children is downright crazy. As the above story demonstrates.

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  1. Holy cow!

    First off; who the heck needs “sex toys” between my four grandparents, there were 16 children conceived and born. I’d be my next paycheck that none of them had ever so much as thought of sex toys, but 16 children would be evidence that they had a sex life and that it was possible to have said sex life without all of the modern notions about sex.

    This teacher should not be involved in dealing with children.

  2. Well, now we know a lot about this teacher’s recreational activities, don’t we? But turning his students into a bunch of perverted voyeurs should have been grounds for dismissal. Should have been. But we know it never happened.

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