Salute Idaho! They’re Defunding Far Left Universities

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Why in the world do we keep paying for this?

If publicly-funded universities in Idaho want to keep “teaching social justice” and clobbering dissent, they’ll have to do it without any money from the state.

The Idaho legislature–three cheers!–voted to cut an additional $2.5 million in state funds from the University of Idaho and Boise State ( They also passed a law against “compelling students” to express allegiance to “Critical Race Theory.” The idea is to wipe out “state sanctioned racism and sexism.”

Now, a place like Harvard wouldn’t even notice the loss of $2.5 million. Their annual budget is literally 20 thousand times bigger than that. But it just might make a dent in Boise State.

Probably the universities in Idaho will continue to preach and practice tyranny while trying to scrounge funds from other sources. But the solution to that problem is simple:

Just keep cutting their budgets till they stop.

Sooner or later you get them to a point where they either have to stop the fascism or go out of business. Let’s shoot for sooner.

4 comments on “Salute Idaho! They’re Defunding Far Left Universities

  1. It is true that the state of Idaho is far more right wing than Wa., Cal. and Or. There are draw-backs here, but seems to be more sensible and reasonable than many other places. Don’t know how long that will last, as there are a lot of Californians moving here.

  2. Yes, afraid so. They are selling out in Ca. and bringing plenty of home purchase money.

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