Eureka! (New Book!)

The Evolution of Life on Earth — The Beast of the Uint Mountains,  Uintatherium...

Uintatherium: I really must find a way to bring this animal into the story.

Okay! I’ve got a way to start the book, I’ve got a climax, and I’ve got a new villain! I don’t have a title yet, but I think what I do have is sufficient to get the next book started. Maybe tomorrow, if it doesn’t rain.

You may think it strange that the first thing that comes to me is the climax of the story, but it’s happened before. It gives me a goal toward which I can steer the story.

Will Jack and Ellayne get married? Will the new government in Obann City survive? And what about that ancient artifact that seems to show the distant future? The villain’s name is Gree, and he used to be the curator of Lord Reesh’s museum of ancient artifacts. He’s now a self-styled philosopher, and it’s a very big mistake to trust him.

And what about that huge armada that’s going to be launched at the defenseless city of Durmurot?

I’ve got to get all these matters taken care of before the next snow falls.

And I’m going to love doing it.


6 comments on “Eureka! (New Book!)

  1. I can understand how a novel grows out of a vision of the climax. There was a time when I was writing a lot of sonnets, and each sonnet almost always started with the final couplet (or part of it) coming into my head. And Lewis Carroll always said that his long mock-epic poem, “The Hunting of the Snark,” began with the last line popping into his mind: “For the snark was a boojum, you see.”

    Godspeed with the new book!

  2. Boy, this sounds exciting! I always wondered about if there was anything left from Lord Reesh’s artifact collection. Maybe some actually did work, but Reesh kept those ones a secret? Either way, the new villain sounds very intriguing. I love the idea for the next book!

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