PBS, City Dept. of Education… Air ‘Drag Queen’ Show for Children

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Your tax dollars at work!

WNET Television, a division of the taxpayer-funded Public Broadcasting System, in partnership with the New York City Dept. of Education (more of your tax money), recently produced and aired a “drag queen story hour” show for children ages 3-8.

You’ll have to take my word for it because I will not link to anything this evil.

I offer this as a rule of thumb: When confronted by any kind of societal innovation by the Far Left Crazy, always ask, “What would happen if everybody did it?” And if the answer is either “The human race goes extinct” or “Americans lose their liberty,” then no one should do it.

But this is what happens when Democrats run a city, a county, a state, or a country.

We should not let things like this happen. Ever.

But they will keep happening for as long as there are leftids around to make them happen.

5 comments on “PBS, City Dept. of Education… Air ‘Drag Queen’ Show for Children

  1. Funny how Child Protective Services never intervenes in what’s obviously the sexual grooming of children.

  2. CPS is only interested in yanking children from their parents and placing in very questionable foster homes. Then, they can brag about how many “cases” they have and how busy they are, and they get paid for that crime.

  3. Tucker Carlson showed some of this abomination on his show last night. Where is the outrage for this sexualizing of children, and into perversion at that? The only outrage I see is from the Evangelical Christian community. God has promised, as we sow so shall we reap. Only the lost can see Drag Queens as something good.

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