Florida Socks It to Big Tech!

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And if prison doesn’t work, throw ’em to the gators!

Florida has become the first state to give citizens the right to sue Big Tech for up to $100,000 in damages if they are deplatformed, censored, or banned (https://thefederalist.com/2021/05/24/desantis-signs-law-to-curb-big-tech-censorship-and-punish-partisan-deplatforming/).

(Calloo, callay, oh frabjous day!)

The new law also allows Florida’s attorney general to prosecute Big Tech companies for antitrust violations.

And finally, it prohibits the tech giants from removing any Florida politician from any of the social media platforms. You know–like the way Twitter banned President Trump.

Florida decided not to wait for Congress to take action. That was a wise decision.

We hope plenty of other states do the same.

And if the fines aren’t big enough to hurt… well, there’s always prison.

4 comments on “Florida Socks It to Big Tech!

  1. No wonder Florida gets another House Rep and Electoral Vote, people are moving there to get away from blue states. Texas may be next to pass this legislation – they get two more House Reps and Electoral Votes.

  2. Sometimes I think if it weren’t for the giant bugs, I’d move to Florida myself. But then I remind myself that the current Governor won’t be around forever, the influx of immigrants from red states may turn the legislature to the left, and everything may change for the worse in a few years, just as it did in Colorado.

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