Boot-Licking ‘Journalists’ Swoon Over Biden’s Ice Cream Cone

(Thanks to “optimal play” for the nooze tip)

So the Scarecrow That the Crows Laugh At makes a supposedly “unscheduled stop” at an ice cream stand–you know, one of those spur-of-the-moment things that a whole mob of… should I really call them “reporters”–was waiting for. And as you will see from the video, they swoon and they gush over the, um, “presidential” whatsit chowing down on chocolate-chocolate chip. And don’t blame me for the vintage Beatlemania clip.

Let’s see… Our nation’s southern border is ruptured (Biden did it on purpose), China has us in their pocket, our culture is shattered… And they wanna ask this guy about his freakin’ ice cream cone?

And how come he’s always got shades on?

Earlier these same “reporters” wanted to make a federal case of it when President Trump got two scoops of ice cream with his order instead of just one. Not fair, not fair! Social injustice!

They aren’t reporters anymore. They’re nothing but obnoxious little toadies for the Democrats. The truth is not in them.

God’s mercy, are we in trouble…

6 comments on “Boot-Licking ‘Journalists’ Swoon Over Biden’s Ice Cream Cone

  1. I think the shades are supposed to make him look cool or sophisticated or something. They actually hide the dazed blankness in his eyes.

    1. I’ve sometimes wondered whether his glassy-eyed look is caused by drugs, or whether they give him drugs to overcome the glassy-eyed look.

  2. He has worn those glasses to be cool for a long time. I think they give him those hydration IV’s before he talks, with all kidding aside the man had a lot of tragedy in his life, not sure how he could be managing well at his age

    1. Add to it that he’s a corrupt political opportunist and has been for decades, and America’s got a serious problem in the White House.

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