The Results (Eh?) of My Experiment

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As I mentioned yesterday, throughout the ten-year history of this blog, we regularly picked up a few new followers every week. That’s how we got to 1,700 of them.

But we have added NO new followers since May 11.

Yesterday I asked for readers to try to follow this blog. Just click the “Following” button on the bottom right-hand corner of the page. The results:

Zero new followers.

Zero comments from anyone who tried to do it and it didn’t work.

Zero comments from readers who tried it and were told it worked, without any sign of it happening on this end.

And of course the viewership numbers are way below what they used to be. It’s very, very frustrating.

I’m convinced Big Tech is messing with us to cut conservatives off from one another, to silence us without resorting to out-and-out banning, because that might be a step too far and might force Congress to take action. Probably the only thing to do would be to somehow get this blog onto one of the new platforms that isn’t owned by the Far Left fascists at Google.

Please, somebody, let me know–have you tried to follow this blog, and weren’t able to do it? What happened when you tried?

9 comments on “The Results (Eh?) of My Experiment

  1. I don’t do any of the social networking schtick, so I can’t report on whether I’m able to follow from any of them. However, I did subscribe with your blog’s “via email” selection, and I also check the “Notify me of new posts via email” checkbox every time I leave a comment. I do get word of all the new posts, so at least one of those methods is working — but of course I do it from here, not from elsewhere. That’s about all I can report.

    1. It doesn’t seem my true-blue readers (like you) have any but occasional problems staying connected here. I most want to see what happens when a new reader tries to Follow the blog. That should be happening several times a week, but now I know it hasn’t happened in almost a month. That’s unprecedented, and it means something’s wrong.

  2. I have not been on the computer much of late, so I missed your original post (and I still have to hit “unblock” in the warning on my SeaMonkey browser to be able to post comments), and am way behind on all the blogs I try to visit regularly.

    I do not see a “follow” button on the bottom right; just an arrow to return to the top of the page. However, I do get notifications for new posts in both my email and in my WordPress reader feed.

  3. I get your blog just fine, but I’m also not a flaming fire and brimstone conservative neither. I’m a moderate, slightly liberal democrat.

    1. I’m trying to find out whether readers are able to follow the blog. It’s really just too unusual, not to pick up any new followers. That’s why I think someone’s interfering.

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