How Crazy Do They Want to Make Us?

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So my wife sat down to take a You.Gov survey; and the first question on it was:

“Do you identify as [choose one] a) male  b) female  c) non-binary  d) other?”

She didn’t bother to take the survey. Why? Because that was a profoundly stupid question, that’s why! On a par with “Which Roman emperor do you identify as?”

If I say I “identify as” Marcus Aurelius, does that mean I am Marcus Aurelius–and most be addressed as such? If I say I “identify as” a freakin’ centaur, does that mean I am a centaur and that unless you pretend to believe it, and act accordingly, the government must punish you?

This schiff has to stop.

I refuse to believe that anyone is so deluded as to sincerely believe that a man who says he’s a woman really is a woman, and vice versa. This is crap. This is madness. Anyone who plays along with it has either been scared silly or is just plain silly.

Stop it now.

4 comments on “How Crazy Do They Want to Make Us?

  1. An even bigger problem is the way they think they can identify not just themselves but other people, and then assume that the identity they’ve assigned is the reality of those people — e.g., “conspiracy theorists,” “haters,” “racists,” “white supremacists,” etc. Betcha if you answer them by saying (for example) “I identify as a nonracist,” they won’t accept your self-identifier. Instead, they’ll say that your very act of identifying as such shows that you’re the opposite of the “identity” you’re claiming.

    But then again — as we’ve said so many times — for the woke (read: postmodernist), words have no meanings except the meanings the woke want to assign. And logic is merely a patriarchal white supremacist weapon meant to oppress the Other.

    Wow, 12 years into my retirement from academia, and I can still spin the jargon. Like malaria, it never entirely goes away.

  2. I saw a cartoon recently that showed a devil at heaven’s gate saying he identified as an angel. The Angel in charge responded, “We don’t play that game here.”

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