Another Genius Who Can’t Define ‘Woman’

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If you “identify” as one of these, does that make you a whale or just an idiot?

As our culture and our politics drift ever deeper into the Twilight Zone, here’s another prominent woman who can’t or won’t say what a woman is. This one is the president of the National Women’s Law Center (

Testifying (if you want to call it that) before a Congressional committee, this character did admit that she herself was a woman… but! (wait for it): “That’s how I identify.” So that’s what makes her a woman–her own say-so. What would they think if she “identifies” as a humpback whale?

I throw out this challenge to anyone who wants to pick it up. Tell us: Exactly how is this “gender” crap supposed to benefit our country (instead of just making people crazy)? I can’t wait to see the answers.

How Crazy Do They Want to Make Us?

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So my wife sat down to take a You.Gov survey; and the first question on it was:

“Do you identify as [choose one] a) male  b) female  c) non-binary  d) other?”

She didn’t bother to take the survey. Why? Because that was a profoundly stupid question, that’s why! On a par with “Which Roman emperor do you identify as?”

If I say I “identify as” Marcus Aurelius, does that mean I am Marcus Aurelius–and most be addressed as such? If I say I “identify as” a freakin’ centaur, does that mean I am a centaur and that unless you pretend to believe it, and act accordingly, the government must punish you?

This schiff has to stop.

I refuse to believe that anyone is so deluded as to sincerely believe that a man who says he’s a woman really is a woman, and vice versa. This is crap. This is madness. Anyone who plays along with it has either been scared silly or is just plain silly.

Stop it now.