‘Fake News: CNN Caught Red-Handed’ (2017)

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It speaks very poorly of our nation’s character, that CNN and the rest of our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. are still in business–no matter how many times they’re caught lying.

Fake News: CNN Caught Red-Handed

Do these people know how not to lie? Do they lie about what day of the week it is? Who knew lying could actually function as a language?

We may take some comfort in the fact that CNN’s ratings are down some 60-70%; but that it still exists at all should shame us.

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  1. Today at the MAGA Frank Free Speech rally in Wisconsin, Dinesh D’Souza said the MSM are liars. Even if they speak the truth 25% of the time, they are still liars, and how can you tell when it’s the 25%? Just don’t listen to them he says. I know I don’t.

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