Have They Gone Too Far?

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Napoleon used to say that when your enemy is making a mistake, get out of the way and let him do it.

Faint stirrings in the winds of politics suggest that maybe the Left in America today is about to make a very serious mistake–defending Critical Race Theory. That’s the “teaching” that all white people are born guilty of racism, America’s a no-good racist country, and that nothing good can happen here until–well, who knows what their “solution” is?

And all over the country parents are rising up to protest this “teaching” in the public schools, crowds of them at school board meetings, all demanding that CRT has got to go. Gosh, who would’ve thought it? Teaching children that they’re all evil racists, their parents are racists, and their country is evil and racist–what? They don’t like it? They don’t want it? What a surprise!

And they don’t want it at their workplaces, either.

Obviously the most foolish thing the Left can do is to try to hang on to CRT and keep it going, despite almost universal opposition. Much wiser would be to admit to themselves that this bird won’t fly and very quietly back off from it. But that would entail government officials admitting that one of their pet policies is a dead loser. When was the last time you saw them do that?

As for getting out of the way, that time has not yet come. More protests are needed. This wicked, anti-Christian, anti-American foolishness has got to be exposed for what it is: way too many people have not yet been clued in.

This is about saving our country. Contrary to Napoleon’s advice, we have to keep pounding away at this monstrosity until it falls.

And it will be a good day for America when we can finally shout, “Timberrrr!”


5 comments on “Have They Gone Too Far?

  1. Let’s see. Since Obama was born to parents of mixed race, he could have been white instead of black. If he was white that would mean he was born a demon and probably never would have been President.

    1. The black half of himself is supposed to hate the white half, and vice versa. He will also have to pay reparations to himself.
      What a load of crap.

    2. Of course, since his black half is Kenyan (supposedly), his black ancestors were never slaves in America, so his white half will have to pay out to other people instead of to himself.

  2. They’ve already gone too far with masks, draconian lock downs, and the 2020 election. It just hasn’t caught up with them, yet.

    1. Unfortunately, there are a LOT of people who are still afraid to take off the masks or go near other people, especially indoors but even outdoors. And people who have been trained to obey illogical orders like the recent “pandemic” mandates will be more vulnerable to illogical ideology mandates.

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