Black Doctor Slams ‘Critical Race Theory’

A doctor with two medical degrees, who happens to be black, showed up at a school board meeting in Illinois recently to denounce the teaching of “critical race theory” ( We are not giving his name, nor the town he lives in, because we don’t want Democrat trolls attacking him, his patients, or his property.

CRT, he said, is “teaching kids to hate each other.” He pooh-poohed the claim that as a black man, he is by definition oppressed. “How do I have two medical degrees and I’m sitting here oppressed?

“Protect our children! Critical race theory is B.S.”

The video of his speech is embedded in the American Thinker article.

Go ahead, leftids! Go ahead and try to defend your precious CRT–which nearly everyone in America absolutely hates. Nail your a**es to CRT and see where you end up. Go ahead–I dare you.

3 comments on “Black Doctor Slams ‘Critical Race Theory’

  1. CRT teaches Whites have a virus and are asymptomatic as they unconsciously spread racism of people of color. We are fighting this communistic tactic in our home town that already has infiltrated one of our high schools, the police and fire departments. The promoters of this doctrine in our city believes in CRT like we believe in the Gospel of Christ, that it is the answer to systemic racism in America. Which “gospel” do you think has more power? According to the results of the Southern Baptist Convention it is a toss-up.

  2. They are so wrong, so confused, so lost in muddle headed nonsense. They are accepting the lies of our enemy satan and they don’t it. When it is judgement time, many people will be shocked.

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