We Has ‘A’ Heet Waive!!!!

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“It” is reel Hot heer at Collidge and it aint Fare “and” aslo it “Is” Darnold Trumpt’s fawlt!!!

Dam!! It shoodnt nevvar be so Hot at Collidge becose awl “Of” us we “are” awl Woak!!!! and “that” meens the Plannit it shood give us A Brake!!!!!! It “was” so hott yeasterday,, my Moth Antenners thay got al Drooopy we was goingto has A Riot but knobody thay showed Up “becose” it was like a zillyin deegrees out!!!!!!!

But I heered it on NPR or somb-plaice that Ritch Wite Foaks “thay” are stearing the Heet awhay fromb thare Own plaices to maik “it go” after The Poor and aslo Mynorites and wimmbin!!! Trumpt he is a milyin-air “and” he nose Haow “to” maik the Bad Wether go ware he wants!!!!!!! WHY IZZNT HE IN JALE???? it cannole Be becuouse Biggits and Racists “thay Are” cuvvring Up foar himb!!!!

It jist natcherly Cant be so Hott heer!!!!! Somb of us we hadded to Sit in “the” Fisch Pond,, we was so Hot, but we coodnt Staiy thare “becawse” somb boddy thay fowned Out that somb of the fisch “that was” saposed To Be Goaled Fisch that wer Parhanas insted! so we hadded to Get Out “of” thare befoar we got Eated!!!!!!!!!!

And the wurst Thing abote it Is, The Plannit it is maikin A Big Miss-steak!!! We “are” All Woak!!!!! so whe shoodnit get no Heet!!!

Waytll Pressadint Bydin he fineds Out!!!!!

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