By Request, ‘The Gospel Shows the Father’s Grace’

I had never heard this beautiful hymn before today. Requested by “thewhiterabbit,” The Gospel Shows the Father’s Grace, performed by Koine. (Comments on YouTube were turned off, so there’s not much I can tell you about this.)

I’m still trying to achieve full wakefulness today.

8 comments on “By Request, ‘The Gospel Shows the Father’s Grace’

  1. This is most difficult day for me, too. I feel very weak, dizzy, foggy brain, and just wondering if I will be able
    to get to my foot care appointment at the clinic at noon. It is even an effort to pray, and to focus. Wow, what next?! computer is not helping with its quirks and problems also vision is blurry and messed up

  2. It is a lovely song, but with my program, there are interruptions as it plays. grrrrrrr

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