A Man Talking Sense

Armstrong Williams, Author at The Washington Informer

Armstrong Williams

Hmm… a man is a woman with a penis, a woman is a man with a vagina, 2+2 doesn’t equal 4 anymore, all white people are born racists…

The other day, Armstrong Williams talked sense about all this. I hope he hasn’t been arrested.


“We are quickly being pushed,” he wrote, “by the Democratic Party and their cronies in the mainstream [sic] media and in big tech towards a society that does not have standards…”


In recent years the wrecking ball has been “gay rights” followed by transgender mania; and of course “race” is always an excuse to wreck society. The Left homes in on micro-minorities and puts them on high pedestals–and woe to anyone who won’t bow down!

I think Mr. Williams understands that this is war. Us vs. Far Left Crazy–and the loser dies.

I can’t even imagine the kind of society those wackos want to impose on us. Pray we never have to find out.


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  1. Matthew 24, Luke 17 & 21 are all shaping up and as a warning to us more about eternity than the present; stressful as it is.

  2. This is why Jesus called Christians the salt of the earth. We are the ones who are suppose to preserve Christian morality – Pelosi & Schumer sure are not. I have always like Armstrong Williams but haven’t heard much from him of late. He is in the vain of Sowell and Williams. I will keep posting my comments even though half of them do not show up – thanks a lot WordPress.

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