‘Kook: Humans to Marry ‘Droids by 2045’ (2018)

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Too late, sunshine, you’ve already done it…

I’ve been just about 100% convinced that the whole world has gone totally off its rocker.

Yeah, okay, let’s marry machines…

Kook: Humans to Marry ‘Droids by 2045

Has this guy got a crystal ball, or what?

(Hello, is anybody out there?)

Meanwhile–this is King Jesus’ royal estate you jerks are messing up, and King Jesus’ people whose minds you’re playing it. It’s not wise to provoke the King.

11 comments on “‘Kook: Humans to Marry ‘Droids by 2045’ (2018)

  1. I can see it happening. Look at today’s generations with their phones; they are almost “wedded” to them and many no longer need direct human contact. Androids are clean, obedient and “safe” (or will be). If you ever wonder what the great sin of Gomorrah was (as in Sodom and), I believe it was a form of sexual pleasure quite divorced from our humanity.

    Oh, and P.S. look at the Star Trek character of Date, the android. He is presented as BETTER than human in many instances.

  2. I see one comment got through, so I’ll try again.
    I recall how our Lord shed tears over Jerusalem for their unbelief. How HE must be feeling today when He looks at planet earth.

  3. OK. It seems to have gone this time, so Carroll Roberson doing A Moment of Time, or Blessed are they who have not seen…

    1. I think I posted “A Moment of Time” recently, so I’ll post the other one.
      This blog is in truly wretched shape today.

  4. I’m sorry, but I will try to do the little I can to help out. Not only this blog, but almost everything is out of kilter these days- everything from peoples’ health issues, financial problems, inability to obtain needed supplies and everything else you can think of.
    On a positive note though: In yesterday’s church service, a friend sitting right behind me was instantly healed of a very painful hip and knee affliction. The Pastor was interrupted in his sermon by a lady sitting near him, seeing him suffering horrible pain. Several of us gathered around him and prayed and after the sermon, he stood and said “if I knew the steps, I could dance a texas two-step right up this isle. ” Wow, you don’t see that often any more, but our God still heals just as He always did if we but ask in faith.

  5. It really was awesome. Unfortunately, not many of us get to see these things any more. I had an instant healing like that myself when I was a new-born believer. I had suffered with horrible and worsening lower back pain for 15 years, (a deteriorated disc) in one second, it was healed and has never bothered me once since that morning. These miracles are available to us if we just have the faith.

    1. One day my landlord and I were trying to carry a refrigerator up from the cellar. He had the top, I had the bottom. Halfway up the steps, I suddenly realized that I didn’t have enough strength to do this, what strength I had was just about to fail–and only prayer would save me. Only the Lord could get me up the rest of the stairway.

      Which He did!

    1. My prayer was answered instantly. Otherwise I would’ve fallen down the steps with that refrigerator on top of me.

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