‘No, No, Please, No! No “Katana-Wielding Scullery Maid”!’ (2018)

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At last! A fantasy novel that tries to give a definitive answer to the age-old question, Which are more obnoxious–zombies or superheroes? And is there any limit to how ridiculous you can make the martial arts?

No, No, Please, No! No ‘Katana-Wielding Scullery Maid’!

The whole blamed point of fantasy is to let the imagination run wild. Here it is locked up in Cliche Camp with watchtowers, guards, and dogs to make sure no original idea can get out or get in.

My sword sensei used to go green around the gills when people came in asking to learn “those jumpin’, spinnin’ kicks” that they see in movies.

Books that make the reader dumber… a growth industry.


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  1. Zombie?! For cryin’ out loud!

    BTW, mentioning the Spanish Influenza is in very poor taste. Persons whom I knew lost parents in that epidemic. It was terrible and treating it as fodder for fantasy fiction speaks volumes about the ignorance and poor taste of the author.

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