‘The Doctrine of Despair’ (2018)

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This was bad when I wrote about it in 2018, and it got a lot worse after the 2020 travesty of an election. That really crushed America.

Lately I found myself wondering, though–“Is this what God decided we needed–social chaos, a stolen election, a freakin’ pandemic–to wake us up? Could anything less have stirred us off our fainting couch?”

The Doctrine of Despair

Armed with the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God, we must never give in–never, never, never. If it takes 100 years to get our country back, then we must fight for it–and pray for it–every day of those hundred years.

Our generation saw the fall and extinction of the Soviet Union. We grew up believing that would never happen, but it did. And quick, too!

Leftism in America will fail.

It would be a shame to surrender to such pipsqueaks.

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  1. It really should be a stern awakening. II Chronicles 7:14 makes it clear what is required of us in order for God to heal our land. Sitting back and groaning is not the answer.

  2. I was so upset with the election being stolen from Trump that it motivated me to join the City Elders movement which emphasizes working at the local level for Christian representation. God has a Plan and it is up to us to line up with it. We are soldiers in God’s army while on this earth.

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