Ducking the Nooze

How to Lightsheet for Moths | Natural History Museum

Y’know what? I don’t think I want to hear any nooze today. I’d like to follow the example of Judah the Maccabee, who never fought on the Sabbath unless he and his men were physically attacked and obliged to defend themselves.

Anyhow, there’ll be a fresh crop o’ crap tomorrow. For one day of the week we can live as if the world were clean and sane. We believe our God will cleanse it and heal it, in His time.

Moving on, what about that picture?

Okay–try to identify what kind of bug that is, and say whether or not the person whose hand it’s resting on has anything to worry about. Don’t look it up–try to work it out via pure observation and deduction, like Sherlock Holmes.

And now I have to go and see if there’s a new chapter of Oy, Rodney available.

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  1. Yes, the Lord’s Day, what a blessing. After church today, I joined with others in a demonstration along the city’s busiest street in front of our biggest hospital where employees are being forced to be jabbed by October. We held signs (Linda made me one that said “NO FORCED VACCINE). For two hours people drove by honking like crazy and giving the thumbs up – only two cars shouted something negative. Our State Rep was there walking among us and encouraging us.

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