‘UCLA Prof Dies in “Ritual Mummification” Caper’ (2018)

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UCLA Prof Dies in ‘Ritual Mummification’ Caper

We spend a fortune to send our kids to collidge to be “educated” by wackos like this so-called professor. He dies at a party where–don’t ask why, we don’t want to know–he has himself mummified alive in plastic wrap, and dies because now he can’t breathe and they can’t unwrap him fast enough. This happens at the home of “a Hollywood executive.” We actually pay to watch movies made by these people.

Is our civilization trying on purpose not to survive?

5 comments on “‘UCLA Prof Dies in “Ritual Mummification” Caper’ (2018)

  1. It used to be that college educated people at least tended to be serious and reliably effective in dealing with the realities of life. Obviously, something went wrong here and I’m a bit surprised that no charges were filed. There have been times in my life when I sensed danger and I changed my course to avoid unnecessary risk. That’s hardly a sign of genius; it’s simple sense, which has become surprisingly uncommon, in our day.

    It’s obvious that even an advanced degree is no longer a guarantee of sensible behavior.

    1. More likely a guarantee of foolishness. Oh, boy, a Ph. D. in LGBT & Disability Studies! I think that means I can have myself mummified!

    2. My experience in academia suggests to me that most of the people who do LGBTQ Studies (which is sometimes called Queer Studies or Sexuality Studies) and Disability Studies actually do have a disability — having a screw loose.

      Well, no, actually they’re pretty clever. The “Studies” racket is where the money is.

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