Are You ‘Anti-Science’?

The Onion on Twitter: "Researchers Warn Coronavirus May Use Propeller Hat  To Stay Airborne… "

Are you anti-science? Before you can answer the question, you have to find out what “anti-science” means. Some guy on YouTube explained it the other day.

Discussing–well, let’s say “denouncing”–“vaccine hesitation,” the Scientist informs us that any doubt, any criticism, any questioning of Science with a capital S automatically puts you in the “anti-science” camp. Boo. Hiss. If you don’t run out and get your shot ASAP, you are “anti-science.”

What do you get when you mix politics and science? You get politics. And that’s pretty much what our exalted Science has become. It got really rolling down the totalitarian speedway with the Global Warming hoax, which has since morphed into the Climate Change scam. And then along came King COVID–just what they were waiting for!

So you can’t ask, “Are we sure we want to mess around with messenger RNA?” You can’t ask, “What will be the long-term effects of this experimental drug, say ten years down the road?” There hasn’t been anywhere near enough time for longitudinal studies, but you can’t say that, either. It’d make you anti-science.

Remember the thalidomide scare of the late 50s-early 60s? The world rushed into that, didn’t it? Well, why not? Thalidomide was science! It turned out also to be a virtual guarantee of horrendous birth defects and had to be pulled from the world market. Happily for the United States, the FDA never approved the drug for use in our country.

Rushing into things, complicated things, just because Science says they’re good things, so shut up–what is this but folly? Is fear of COVID a good reason for trashing our economy and jettisoning our liberties?

If you don’t think so, you must be anti-science.


7 comments on “Are You ‘Anti-Science’?

  1. There actually was some science in the development of mRNA drugs at Pfizer and Moderna. The drugs were tested on animals. All the animals died.

  2. Pseudo- science, absolutely. I am dead against that. True science must agree with God’s Word. If not, then I want nothing to do with the junk.

    1. You mean like…? You don’t need masks. Yes, you do. No, you don’t. Actually, better make that two masks. Er, no–three. You won’t need booster shots. Yes, you will.
      If you take every position that it’s possible to take, you’ll have to be right sometime.

      Unless all the positions are wrong.

  3. Its funny the left keeps saying 2+2 and math is a racist construct, but they sure don’t think its possible to use the name of science for a political purpose…shaking my head

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