‘Newspaper Claims Its Anti-Trump Jihad Is Growing’ (2018)

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Now they can’t even write a sensible headline

Remember this? In 2018 the Boston Glob tried to organize a full-scale editorial war against President Donald Trump, and claimed it had rounded up 100 other noozepapers to join in.

Newspaper Claims Its Anti-Trump Jihad is Growing

I still haven’t adjusted to our nooze outlets sounding like the Peking Review, vintage 1967. It still disappoints me, and makes me ashamed of the years I spent as a reporter and editor.

Left to the mercies of Big Media, we would literally have no reliable source of news. It’d just be all Big Brother, all the time.

I really do hate what the Democrat Party and its useful idiots have done to America.

3 comments on “‘Newspaper Claims Its Anti-Trump Jihad Is Growing’ (2018)

  1. we all hate it and as we read the Tanakh and see what happened to ancient Israel and the other countries, as they turned their backs on God, we see what the answer is, but not enough people are paying attention. Instead, they are trying to combat it by means of human reasoning. Not that we should not do all we can to fight it in every way, but the first priority has to be spiritual.

  2. The Bible says when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord lifts up a standard against it. Too bad we didn’t have more access to the standard being lifted up – it makes for better nooose stories.

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