‘Law Prof “Debunks” Parental Rights’ (2017)

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I’m running this again because I’m putting together an argument for Newswithviews: to wit, that our ruling class is so estranged, so alienated from the American people that they might as well be space aliens.

This guy, for instance.

Law Prof ‘Debunks’ Parental Rights

Let’s see… They’re telling us that some people shouldn’t be parents… Therefore in each and every case, the state should have supreme authority over each and every individual… because somehow, in this poobah’s mind, government existed before anybody ever had a baby. So you have no natural right to your own children. You have only what the state is willing to grant you.

And who is the state?

A bunch of aliens like him!

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  1. This guy is so .. what should I say!? Well, I remember reading similar things years ago, and they were communist ideology. They still are. That says it all, I think. If we can’t rout out the communists, we’ve had it.

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