Australia: More COVID Madness

A sign outside Wellcamp Airport

“Hello Mudda, hello Fadda, here I am in Camp Stunata…”

Australia, it seems, has stopped being a free country.

The government of New South Wales has announced it will permit one additional hour of outdoor recreation (that would bring the total to two hours) “as long as all adults in the household are fully vaccinated” (

“Singles bubbles” will still be required. But if you do live alone, you’ll be allowed to “nominate” one family member, or friend, to visit you.

Is this living?

And in Queensland, the government has announced plans to set up a quarantine camp with a 1,000-bed capacity for “involuntary quarantine” for persons who have tested positive for COVID.

What are they shooting for? A disease-free environment? That’s not possible. “Zero COVID”? That’s not possible, either. A lifestyle, in the words of one commenter, “where you live from shot to shot?”

When do people get their freedom back? When does the “all clear” whistle sound? It’s beginning to look like “never.”

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  1. Next, residents at lovely Camp Stunata (love the name, Lee!) will receive numbered ID tattoos on their arms so they won’t have to carry identity cards. Striped quarantine clothing will be supplied to all.

    You do know that our own overlords have been talking about doing the same thing here, right?

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