They Like Us Hysterical

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It’s a dynamic of history, in this fallen world, that there’s always somebody looking to enslave big chunks of the human race. That dynamic hasn’t changed, but two things have.

*Now they believe they really have a shot at enslaving everyone, the whole planet, not just continents and countries.

*They used to try to accomplish this by waging war. Now they’re using lies, flattery, seduction, fear porn, all backed up by more technology than is good for us.

Revisiting an incident in 2015 reminded me of ongoing current events in 2021. Then, a neighborhood busybody saw some kids playing with toy guns, went off-the-wall hysterical and called the school, and “school officials” suspended the kids from school for the rest of the year… for playing with toy guns… at home. Now the kids probably are immortalized as “terrorists” in the school district’s records.

Now, in 2021, having made most of the world crazy with fear, the enslavers justify every act of tyranny–every “mandate”–as necessary in the war against the killer virus. Or whatever new “variant” or new disease comes after it. There will always be one. Or they can dream one up as needed.

The idea is to keep us so terrified of dying from some horrible new disease that we won’t resist the erosion of our freedoms. It’s going to work because every new crisis will be “explained” with a lot of pseudo-scientific gobbledygook–people will nod their heads sagely and pretend to understand, because they won’t want to be mocked as ignorant.

And along the way, we only lose some silly little gewgaws like the security of our persons and our homes, free speech, freedom to assemble (unless it’s a riot: they’ll always allow riots), equal protection of the laws, due process of law… Indeed, there won’t be “law” anymore. Just mandates and directives. Backed up by Big Tech and a Chinese-style “social credit system” that tracks everything you say and do.

It’s all supposed to lead us to an earthly paradise. Loopy humanists say so.

Let me close with a quote from New York Mayor “Bill De Blasio” (not his real name):

“If I had my druthers, an all-powerful central government would determine your day to day reality.”

May the Lord Almighty defend us.

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  1. Recently, here on Long Island, we were “advised” of the approach of hurricane Henri. I first heard of it when my stupid cell phone went ballistic with very loud noises. I thought (hoped!) it was dying, but I quickly learned from the “notice” on the phone that hurricane Henri was almost upon us. It had been downgraded to a tropical storm, but it was believed it would be upgraded to a category 1 hurricane before it made landfall ~ that is, IF it made landfall.

    Now, we don’t get too many hurricanes on LI, but we do get them and some of them are dangerous such as the hurricane of 1938 (the Long Island Express) and hurricane Sandy that took out electric and other amenities for almost a week! The 38 hurricane came upon the Island without warning and killed many people (especially on Rhode Island) before ending up in Montreal while still a hurricane!

    Anyway, the night of this “warning,” our cable company took off all broadcasting except for repeated warnings of when and where the “storm” was supposed to hit the Island. Finally, after HOURS of one stupid message being repeated endlessly, they resumed regular broadcasting. I, frankly, had never SEEN such hysteria for what proved to be nothing at all. There was flooding in New York City and New Jersey but it was “storm surge” rather than wind and rain. And while I had some rain, there was no wind to speak of. In other words, it was TRULY “a tempest in a teapot!”

    Then I asked myself “why?” Why all this hysteria for something that even had it been returned to hurricane status, was still a category 1? Why all this hysteria for something that would have, at most, caused some flooding and scattered power outages but nothing nearly as destructive as Sandy for which we only received routine warnings! Could it be that it wasn’t the storm BUT THE NEED TO KEEP PEOPLE IN FEAR that caused this ridiculous response by our local (and probably State and Federal) governments? Fear is a VERY strong weapon, especially for tyrants. Keep people frightened and looking to the State for succor and you have won your war over freedom, liberty ~ and commonsense!

    1. And of course “horrible new disease” is the gift that keeps on giving–we’ll never run out of germs to be afraid of. This is what they wanted from Terror, Radical Islam, and Climate Change. And King COVID has given it to them.

    2. Another aspect of it is the ever increasing desire for more and more security. We can see that with all the Covid regulations and mandates for a virus that as a 99% survival rate for the majority of the population. It’s the result of exchanging freedom for security. The less freedom there is the more security people want against all forms of danger, no matter how trivial.

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