‘A Satire That’s Become a Reality (Aaaagh!)’ (2015)

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Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin

I’m re-running this post, from six years ago, because we must never lose sight of what we’re up against.

False teaching and false prophecy have become so rampant in the flatline churches, it’s almost impossible to satirize them anymore. Look what happens when you try!

A Satire That’s Become Reality (Aaaagh!)

I mean, come on! They even used the purposely silly name I gave the satire! “The New New Testament.” Cobbled together out of ancient twaddle rejected by the Church centuries ago.

False teaching, false prophecy, are very much with us.

Hang on to your Bible.

4 comments on “‘A Satire That’s Become a Reality (Aaaagh!)’ (2015)

  1. Hang on, indeed. This is truth we can trust. Even some of the translations are suspect. I have several translations, and if I have any doubt about anything, I read them all and compare. With the help of the Holy Spirit, and our true desire to know the truth, it is available to us. We must not accept anything that comes through someone’s personal bias.

  2. It certainly will not be. The fear of God is so missing today, and when the judgement comes, it is sad to realize how many people will experience it in full because of their selfish rebellion.

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