‘And Then They Booed God’ (2012)

And here’s what they cheer for.

I watched this live on television, so I’m immune to efforts by Our Free & Independent Nooze Media to convince me that I didn’t see what I saw and didn’t hear what I heard.

And Then They Booed God

At their 2012 national convention, Democrat Party delegates booed God. You might say they booed a transparently dishonest effort to put God’s name back into their platform after they took it out. But either way, the Lord gets booed.

Why should we expect our country to prosper, as long as there’s a Democrat Party?

4 comments on “‘And Then They Booed God’ (2012)

  1. We will not be blessed until and unless we repent and come to our senses. It seems too late, but with God, all things are possible.

  2. The Dems Party has embraced the Woke religion based on eating the forbidding fruit and leaving God to become one’s own god. Trouble is, the State becomes god, not the individual people. As R. J. Rushdoony used to say, people prefer servitude to freedom.

  3. I just thought of a hymn: There is POwer in the Blood. That’s where the real power is.

  4. The salient question is … do you suppose God remembers? I would venture that He does and that He knows just how ungodly much of our society has become. He also know those whom want to serve Him.

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